IMG_0254Has any one seen that plow?


Virginia was hit with a blast of snow on February 16 that left surrounding cities paralyzed. Many schools, businesses and Churches closed for days. As I looked out of the window and saw the winter wonderland I was reminded of familiar times, playing in the snow, making snow angels, having snowball fights and hearing the laughter of children playing. So I decided to go out and assess the situation. My first step was met with a crunch under my feet, the snow was hard, but soft enough to make an impression. I continued down my street I saw no one, the temperature was frigid and as I got to the end of the street, I saw life, so I continued in that direction. There was a car that was stranded and another one that was stuck as they tried to turn out onto the street. No roads had been plowed that day.

All we here all over the U.S. is snow and the devastation is has left in its path. Collapsed roofs, blocked roads, stranded vehicles, death, closures and the cost to clean it up.  Virginia is no exception.  Virginia was hit with a blast of snow that left many surrounding cities paralyzed.  You can’t deny that this is a costly undertaking to get snow plows down side streets, children back to school and business back up and running.  Several schools were closed for four days.  Then on top of the snow there are the below temperatures that also create dangerous road conditions once it melts and the refreezes.  The scenery is beautiful and sometimes breathtaking, but costly.  Virginia is constantly met with controversy over proper planning and preparation to keep ahead of the snow and then clean up the side streets.  Many people don’t believe there is enough being done.

According to the Washington Post people can check on the status of the snow plow situation by going to Virginia Department of Transportation plow tracker map.  The questions still remains, is that enough?  When schools and business have to be shut down more than one day, it appears it is not.  So Virginians will have to wait and see as they continue to complain, loose days from work and children from school.

In all of this unrest there is always a cloud with a silver lining.  I ran across a Good Samaritan who was helping dig people out of the snow following the blast Virginia received on February 16, 2015.  Perhaps this is the way Virginia will have to go!

WinterIMG_0255Where is that plow!

Snow 5 Snow 2Snow 6 Snow 7


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