Community Invasion


Not every community wants to be bothered with one more mini town center.  Our community has been disrupted with noise, snakes, and sewage back up since this project started.  The problem is we didn’t get an opportunity to have a voice in the matter.  One day we simply received a notice in our Home Owners’ Association newsletter.  So by that time it was a done deal, a bombshell dropped like a ton of bricks.

IMG_20150305_131344This is not a pretty sight! IMG_20150305_132114Once surrounded by trees


Once surrounded by trees, now dirt! Our community has 100 condominium units, located in a secluded area that when you go home it feels like a sanctuary.  This is our little piece of heaven.  Very quiet, people and pet friendly, and scenic.  Well, it was until this construction disrupted our sanctuary.  Some think of the monetary factor that it should increase our property value.  But the majority would have liked things to stay the way they were.  We are a very diverse community with mostly retirees.  It’s nice to come out of our community and in any direction there is a plethora of shops, hotels, restaurants and movie theaters.  So to build this new community in our secluded section of heaven is frustrating at best. Now we have to anticipate the new changes in traffic, people, parking and security.  I’m not sure these things have been well thought out.  According to the amount of construction it appears it has not been well planned at all.  It is our hope that the impact will be a positive one when it is all finished.  But the very idea of it was not.

We did not get an opportunity to petition this project.  So we are left to just deal with it, the hope is that it all turns out well and that there will be a minimum disruption to our community.


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