The Numbers

We have all heard the slogan, “numbers don’t lie”.  Well the Bureau of Statistics have published some interesting numbers regarding the benefits of obtaining a college education.




Ways to fund education

Many times we have no idea where to look to get additional funding for education.  One place I find many people overlook is their employer.  Many employer’s have tuition reimbursement programs that employees either didn’t know  about or don’t think to ask.

Also scholarships, most people believe scholarships are too time consuming and complicated to deal with.  But managing scholarship searches can prove to be invaluable.  “Search On”




About this

Thanks for visiting my blog, please help me make it interactive and informative by posting your comments.  I am currently in school for journalism.  I am new at blogging and want to continue to get better at it through exposure and experience on this site.

I am doing education because I work in higher education, pursuing a second masters and I believe  education deserves a place in the blogging world!